Tomori Pal College

Tomori Pal College, Budapest

  HU-1223 Budapest, Muvelodes utca 21-27,
Established: 2004

Tomori Pal College



Courses Offered

  • Business Administration and Management (BA) - Duration: 6 + 1 Semesters
  • International Business Administration and Management (BA) Duration: 6 + 1 Semesters
  • International Relations (BA) - Duration: 6 Semesters
  • Tuition Fee per course per semester : EUR 1,750

    Institute Brief

    Hungary has a unique culture which is well integrated in European culture but it still has its own characteristics. The country has been a member of the European Union since 2004. It is a country of less than 100,000 km2, populated by 10 million people who speak a language which is spoken nowhere else.

    The country is famous for its large reserve of thermal water, Lake Balaton, which is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, numerous wine-growing regions, UNESCO World Heritage sites and the legendary hospitality of Hungarian people just to mention a few of its special features.

    Budapest is a city where you can find a little bit of everything and really make it your own. With its large avenues, handsome mansions, monuments of the 19th century, urban parks and lakes, lively streets, statues and world-renowned art, the capital of Hungary is like Paris on the Danube. This unique city with its splendid history is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe.

    The section of the city called Buda is separated from Pest by the Danube and reunited by many bridges, noticeably the Chain Bridge that leads to the Buda Castle, the quintessence of Hungary. The majestic royal palace with its two museums, the Matyas Gothic Church built in the 12th century and the medieval Fisherman’s Bastion are the highlights of Buda. You can find the spectacular Parliament by the river on the Pest side. This marvellous building which shelters 233 buildings was inspired in 1884 by the British model of Westminster. In Pest also, many hotels have spectacular spas and several baths are open to the public such as the neo-baroque Szechenyi Bath, one of Europe’s largest, with its 15 pools filled by surging sources of different temperatures. If you are looking for places of outdoor recreation inside the city, the pedestrian-only environment of Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube is probably your best option. Margaret Island is also reputed for its thermal establishments like so many other parts of this beautiful city.

    Hungary has a diverse and delicious cuisine. Every year the country receives many tourists who come here to enjoy the climate, to do business, to heal or relax. In Hungary one always feels close to the heart of Europe.