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University of Freiburg, Freiburg

  Fahnenbergplatz - 79085 Freiburg,
Established: 1457



Courses Offered

  • economics
  • engineering
  • Medicine
  • Sciences
  • finance
  • Institute Brief

    The University of Freiburg is a good choice , a chance to receive an excellent education in one of the most popular cities in Germany, with outstanding career opportunities and students from around the world.

    Here on the Student Portal you will find everything you need to gain an overall picture of what it's like to study at our university and to make your decision. The Student Portal is organized in accordance with the "student life cycle" principle: The orientation section provides information for prospective students on degree programs and life in Freiburg. Here you will also find an overview of all fields of study offered at the University of Freiburg. We also provide useful information to help you plan a study abroad in Freiburg in our Guide for International Students. Once you've decided to apply, the admissions section will walk you through the application procedure. After you begin a course of study at the University of Freiburg, you will find tips and important contact information under studies. And last but not least, the career section includes information and resources to help you decide what path to take after graduation.