School Of India

School Of India, Bangalore

  Bannerghatta Circle, Bangalore 560076, Karnataka
Affiliation: CBSE  
Established: 2014

School Of India

Syllabi Followed:

Pre-Primary to Std X

While learning about what is happening around the world, we, many a times forget to learn things about our own country. At SCHOOL OF INDIA our teachings are inspired from the rich legacy of India. An India that has contributed so much to the world and has been instrumental in shaping the modern world we see today. We celebrate everything Indian and instill a sense of pride about the country in your child. we help shape a strong foundation so that each child and India has a lot more to share with this world. We have adopted an integrated approach to build the school of tomorrow. Respecting the unity of creation and the oneness of life, our learning environment is synchronized, wholesome and in harmony with nature. the child will discover new things about India, everyday at SCHOOL OF INDIA.